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 the alphabet
Garden Fairy Alphabet Coloring Book €6.49

Exquisite renderings of ready-to-color floral favorites -- one for each letter of the alphabet -- include azaleas, bluebells, columbine, daisies, foxglove, and other flowers. Among the florals are a troop of enchanting sprites in a variety of carefree poses: snuggled in a blossom, swinging on a vine, more. 

William Morris Stained Glass Coloring Book €8.99

Sixteen handsome renderings based on projects by one of Victorian England's foremost leaders of the Arts and Crafts movement. Includes adaptations of wallpaper and textile designs as well as scenes of Adam Naming the Beasts, Sleeping Apostles, Angel and Woman, and many more.  

The Victorian House Coloring Book €7.99

Charming original illustrations recreate domestic architecture and interior design of typical Victorian home. Exterior, front porch, parlor, kitchen, library, dining room, bedroom, bathroom, more. Informative well-researched text covers furnishings architectural details historical background, etc. Introduction. Bibliography. Color illustrations on covers. 

Titanic Coloring Book €6.99
Twenty-nine realistic drawings depict Titanic at dock in Southhampton, England; passengers dining and strolling on deck, the ship striking the iceberg, passengers jumping into the water, and more. Captions.  

Botanical Gardens Coloring Book€7.99 

Detailed and accurate black-and-white line drawings depict the lush beauties of 37 botanical gardens throughout the United States and Canada. Educational fun for nature lovers of all ages. Captions. 

Elves, Gnomes, and Other Little People Coloring Book €7.99

 Elves, gnomes, small trolls, brownies, leprechauns, Rumpelstiltskin, Thumbelina, Jumblies, more, in captivating drawings by artist whose manner is strongly reminiscent of Bosch and Bruegel the Elder. 25 illustrations. Captions. 

Farm Animals Coloring Book €5.99

Spend a fun-filled day on the farm with a horse, lamb, rabbit, donkey, chicken, duck, calf, rooster, and other lovable creatures.  

Victorian Fashions Coloring Book € 7.99

These 45 ready-to-color line drawings feature costumes from the Victorian Age, carefully reproduced from authentic sources. Over their tightly laced corsets and billowing crinolines, the models wear sweeping skirts -- some with lavishly festooned bustles -- accented by dainty fans, gloves, bonnets, and parasols. A must for fashion historians and lovers of Victoriana. Captions. 

The Tale of Peter Rabbit Colouring Book €6.99

Twenty-seven large illustrations rendered by Nancy Perkins from the book. The text of the full story is included.  

Redoute Roses Colouring Book € 6.99

Daffodils, daisies, peonies, sweet peas, violets, roses, and other flowers, exquisitely rendered by the great botanical artist Pierre-Joseph Redoute, grace the pages of this brilliant collection. Colorists will love these finely detailed, ready-to-color floral illustrations, lovingly adapted from Redoute 's magnificent originals. 30 black-and-white line illustrations. 

The American House Styles of Architecture Coloring Book € 7.99

Crisp renderings of over 40 extant structures from Taos Pueblo to striking contemporaries. Spanish Colonial, Georgian, Stick, Gothic, many other styles. Rich and informative captions date, identify, and describe each dwelling. 43 black-and-white illustrations.  

Fifty Favourite Birds Colouring Book

Learn to identify birds like the Myrtle Warbler and the Ruby-Throated Hummingbird -- as well as better-known species -- as you color these 46 accurate renderings of 50 favorites. Captions provide scientific names, other information. A delightful way to learn about birds you may discover in your own backyard. 

Tiffany Designs Stained Glass Coloring Book €8.99

Sixteen boldly outlined motifs, based on actual Tiffany designs, include lovely pastoral landscapes, lush florals, birds, a ship in full sail, and other attractive images. Original subjects reproduced in full color on covers. Hang finished designs in windows or near light source to provide a lovely decorative accent.  

Alice in Wonderland Coloring Book

Almost as if Alice were nibbling a Wonderland mushroom, the pictures have grown to just the right size for coloring. All the characters are here, waiting to be colored. The text has been abridged specially for young readers, retaining, however, almost completely Carroll's own words. 36 illustrations. 

Garden Flowers Coloring Book €7.99

 Forty important garden flowers - morning-glory, tulip, peony, daffodil, zinnia, dahlia, iris, petunia, delphinium, fox-glove, snapdragon, many more. Caption for each drawing gives common and scientific names, other information.

Horses of the World Colouring Book € 6.99

With illustrations of plants, flowers and animals accurate enough to be used as identification aids and informative captions, this coloring book is fun and educational for horse lovers of all ages. Illustrations. Consumable.  

Stories From The Old Testament € 7.99

Ready-to-color scenes include Adam and Eve in Eden, Cain murdering Abel, Lot fleeing the destruction of Sodom, Joseph being sold into slavery, Moses parting the Red Sea, Delilah cutting Samson's hair, and Jonah being swallowed by the whale. Captions cite biblical books, chapters, and verses. Brief retellings of the stories. 30 illustrations.